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    The population of developed nations, including that of Japan, is aging rapidly, and the importance of ensuring health and a high quality of life at old age has been widely recognized. Under this premise, the growth of medical spending has become a serious problem for society, making the development of effective drugs and improved clinical procedures high priorities. Since drug development is only possible in highly advanced countries, it is critical that cutting-edge medical research and focused drug discovery projects, as well as basic research supporting these medical and pharmaceutical efforts, be promoted in Japan. The Cellular and Structural Physiology Institute (CeSPI) has been established at Nagoya University in response to the recognized need for scientific advancement in these fields.

    At Nagoya University, the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research, Graduate School of Medicine, has long been at the forefront of advancing clinical research and cutting-edge medical treatment. In addition, the newly founded Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has created a framework for research and education in the area of drug development. CeSPI has been conceived as a new center for the advancement of basic sciences and the development of core technologies, with the aim to create knowledge and tools that can be applied to the improvement of human health. CeSPI focuses on research in a new field in basic biology named cellular and structural physiology by encouraging collaborations between researchers in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences. The institute is aiming at organizing an active and createve international center for innovative research and enhancing education and training by bringing together the expertise and skills of scientists from inside and outside of Nagoya University and by fostering international collaborations.

    Prof. Atsunori Oshima

    細胞生理学研究センター センター長 大嶋篤典